Strengthening the body, focusing the mind!


Strengthening the body, focusing the mind!

    Pure Fitness Yoga offers fun, dynamic and energising classes which work your heart, tone your body and declutter your mind. I will help you to build a healthy balance of strength, stamina and flexibility through fluid sequencing of movements. Flowing through key poses with rhythm and repetition will work your muscles, increase core strength and improve circulation. This is blended with carefully chosen passive stretches helping to create a more supple and flexible body, untying knots created in your daily life. Your session will be rounded off with relaxation to regenerate the body and allow the mind to be still, clear and calm.

    In today’s fast paced world, where time is a luxury, Pure Fitness Yoga’s engaging classes give you the opportunity to focus on your individual needs whatever they may be. Adaptations are offered to suit all levels from beginners to experienced, maximizing time spent within your precious hour. All bodies are different and what yesterday’s body achieved may look completely different to what today’s body needs. I encourage you to work within your limits yet support the exploration of challenging those boundaries.

These classes are all about you!

    Whether it’s to tone your body, aid weight loss, increase core strength and stability, or to complement your existing training regime and enhance sporting performance. Whatever your reasons, come along and work off your heavy weekend, stretch out your office bound body or relieve stress from work and family life. Leave it all at the door, step onto the mat and begin your journey.

I really look forward to welcoming you soon.

Tel: 07914142949
Email: pfyclasses@gmail.com
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